Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Kenneth Street Condominiums

Kenneth Street [South Montage]

Kenneth Street [Light Gills Perspective]

Kenneth Street [Unit Three Living Room]

Kenneth Street [Roof Plan]

Kenneth Street [Precast Concrete Shell Studies]

Kenneth Street Condominiums is a forth-coming project located along the ocean walk in Tamarama, Sydney. With a prominent site next to the water, we focused our design to open the building up for the view. A system of 1 meter concrete panels were draped over the buildings form. These panels then rotate at 45 degree angles to expose view and introduce light to the interiors. The flexibility of the system allows the shell of the building to reflect the interior spaces.

Kenneth Street Condominiums: Drawing Set

Kenneth Street [Unit Three Level One]

Kenneth Street [Unit Three Level Two]

Kenneth Street [East Elevation]

The Aldrich Residence: COMPLETE!

The Aldrich Residence: Photos

Aldrich Residence [Roof Detail]

Aldrich Residence [Living Room]

Aldrich Residence [ Facade]

Aldrich Residence [Stair to Roof Deck]

Aldrich Residence [Inteior]


Utilizing computer-aided terrain modeling, the roof is a non-parallel extension of the landscape below. It has been digitally enhanced to provide a unique porous stratum in which the volume of the house exists. These volumes, in turn, act as extensions of the ground which gracefully oat out across the site. The digitally conceived roof above allows space within the house to compress and expand as it collects light and exposes views. The light is encouraged to wash over the concrete surface exposing the subtlety, elegance and delicate nature of the curves. Like a jigsaw, the roof and landscape interlock so as one moves through the house there is an ever-shifting viewpoint between solid and void. It is the juxtaposition between natural and digital through which patterns and rhythm’s become activated by the property’s natural setting.

The Aldrich House: The Roof

Aldrich Residence [Bird's Eye Perspective]

Aldrich Residence [Site Context]

Aldrich Residence [Roof Detail]

Aldrich Residence [Roof Deck]

Aldrich Residence [Roof Deck]


The three bedroom, two bathroom, two living room house branches out across the site as if the residence was a swathe of earth in the site from which it emerged. Two separate interior living areas inhabit the extremities of the residence's arms and are united only by the uid concrete roof above. Toward the west side of the house are the bedrooms and bathrooms. Here, the private program is implanted onto the ground, acting less as a spectacle, establishing the residence's primary attachment to its site. As one moves through the space they encounter the continuous concrete roof, oering a lens through which you can read the volumes as they unfold across the land. On top of the roof is a viewing deck. An expansive view is framed and complimented by the graceful undulation of the roof's surface, simulating the surroundings in which it resides.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Aldrich Residence: Interiors


The Aldrich residence exposes the beauty and lyrical nature of its context. The elegance of one uid gesture, the roof, animates the inhabitable volumes below. Light collects between the graceful branching extensions of the residence creating a symbiotic dance between the interior and exterior. It is the roof that guides the project; it provides volume, movement, and continuity throughout. It is the roof that unies the Aldrich Residence to the earth.

The Aldrich Residence: Interiors II

The Aldrich Residence: Bathroom I

The Aldrich Residence: Master Bathroom

The Aldrich Residence: Master Bedroom

The Aldrich Residence: Drawing Set

Aldrich Residence [Basment Floor Plan]

Aldrich Residence [Ground Floor Plan]

Aldrich Residence [Carpark Section]

Aldrich Residence [Roof Shuttering Layout]

Aldrich Residence [Roof Sections North/South]

The Team

Enter Architecture Director: Patrick Keane

Design Manager: Henry Beresford

Project Team: Marta Satwin, Rosalba Pena, Pom Suban, Johanna Doerfel, Chris Timm, Lisa Fathalla

Engineer: Airey Taylor Consulting

Builder: Omega Homes, Tony Hollingsworth

Landscaping: In a Tree


Address: 25a Salter point Parade, Salter Point, Perth, Western Australia

Areas: lot 450sqm

House: 231sqm

Basement/Wine Cellar: 13sqm

First Floor: 192sqm

Deck: 26sqm

Rennovation in Paddington

Cooper Street Residence

Dalmeny Residential Addition

Dalmeny Residential Addition [Street Montage]

Dalmeny Residential Addition [Rear Montage]

Dalmeny Residential Addition [Exterior 1]

Dalmeny Residential Addition [Interior 1]

Dalmeny Residential Addition [Interior 2]

Dalmeny Residential Addition Drawing Set

Dalmeny Residential Addition [Ground Floor Plan]

Dalmeny Residential Addition [Gallery Floor Plan]

Dalmeny Residential Addition [Rear Elevation]

Dalmeny Residential Addition [Side Elevation]

Dalmeny Residential Addition [Section]