Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Architectural Review publishes Form to Formless...

Architectural Review Australia's latest issue publishes From Form to Formless pg 22, curated by Patrick Keane for Customs House.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Enter Architecture's Bondi Beach Retail and Multi-Unit Apartment Development

Enter Architecture's Bondi Beach Retail and Multi-Unit Apartment Development revealed...

Enter Architecture has recently been commissioned for Bondi Beach’s newest multi storey retail and residential apartment development. Located on the thriving Glenayr and Warners Avenue intersection and moments from the waterfront, the building has a striking presence that will redefine and enliven the Bondi beach streetscape and beckon a new era and landmark in Bondi character. It is this character that informs the building- the wealth of sensory experiences that culminate in creating what Bondi is, and what it means to the Australian culture. Vibrant interaction is created not only in the playful lightness and tactility of this new landmark, but in its contribution to the public landscape. Inspiration has been adopted from beach communities worldwide.

A series of ribbon geometries sweep their way through the scheme, permeating the building with rhythm and a sense of flow and branching out to encompass the prominent intersection in the landscape. The building commands its own presence. It is unafraid to speak for itself and is seductive from all angles- luring its users and passers-by and with its innate ambiguities inspiring desire for exploration. Its endless, corner free facades must be discovered- every perspective and hinted edge provides more information and shedding light on the of its curves when walked around, and explored from all angles. The form of the exterior is transcribed continually upon the interior with a courtyard space evoking a sense of fluidity and blurring the interior and exterior.

As such, the apartments redefine Bondi living and provide new alternatives to the modern beach lifestyle. The apartments are freestanding structures, all individual in character and sharing no common boundaries. The connectivity and unity of these structures is manifested by the concrete ribbon geometry that translates into all programmatic elements within the interior.