Thursday, July 23, 2009

Aussie Rooves in Perth

Working with the latest in 3d technologies, a house in Perth commences construction today. With technologies filtering down form Marine and aerospace this unique project is able to be realised. "its taken 10 years if not more" director Patrick Keane states, "for us to get a handle on building geometries like this and find the right people to work with. Its driven most if us mad , but we would have given up but we would have given up a long time ago if there was not some inner belief that one day these complicated sophisticated spaces could be realised." The most important feature is the roof, its usable and planted with terrain geometries, and its a search for a freeform architecture that is closely related to naature and the elements.

Aussie Rooves in Perth

Aussie Rooves in Perth


Located in Salter Point, This project has just started construction.
After several years of deliberation this dynamic design will soon be realised.

Design Elements Include : free form Geometry roof, non orthogonal plan, and floor to ceiling windows . Designed using topographic geometries and 3d software, this project will
provide alternatives to the strict box like geometries we associate with modern architecture.
The grass roof is accessible to enjoy views of the river, dolphins and froliking swans.
Playful and dynamic, this house will be a testament of things to come and a return to natures shapes, refreshing, vibrant, and an embodiment of our great Australian lifesstyle.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Cluster Housing

Remote Village Desert Housing - Previously unreleased images

"Architecture should be playful and dynamic and engage in our modern society of accelerated cultural change. It should contribute artistically to the world around us"

Internet Press & Publications:

Abundant Exhibition - Venice Bienalle

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Physical Kokopo Roof Study

The roof forms are realised through researching and modelling of the local prevailing wind velocities and rainfall frequencies. They aim to eleviate the buildup of falling ash from the nearby volcano, through channelled wind movement and surface friction.


A discerning client has expressed a special wish to live a cloudy existence, avoiding the worldly hum-drum and day to day toil, with a wish to float off into the future. These unique requests have led the Enter team to launch into a new range of one-off product and furniture designs based upon cloud geometries

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Majula Tourist Cabin

House in Kokopo


House in Kokopo Province


Located close to the TARVURVUR volcano in Kokopo, this residence is a unique opportunity to provide an exemplary design, in an area of spectacular natural beauty. The house is designed site specifically to utilize the tropical weather, landscape and views of the active volcano working with the unique materials of the area.


Fluid geometries and shapes are deployed similar to volcanic lava. The walls undulate through the site encouraging a variety of spaces that unfold. The feature stair encourages an open plan and the user to enjoy the house in many ways and a variety of uses. The roof is also designed with this in mind. It is a column free structure overlaid onto the open plan with the open living areas being the highest point showcasing the amenity of the largest space in the centre.


The house is left as open as possible encouraging cross ventilation.

There are zones in the house ranging from public open access entertainment areas, informal, zones which are more private and then the 2 self contained bedroom areas which are self sufficient with a toilets showers and study. There are no windows.


Working with geometries suggestive of tropical plants and foliage, geometrical arcs were used on all facades and being constructed in moulded pre-cast panels with radius curves extracted directly from a live computer model. These curves encourage wind movement around the building and cross ventilation. Because of its central location the back sides and front facades were given equal consideration encouraging a viewer/user dynamic interaction with the building encouraging movement around it to fully comprehend the spatial direction of the building’s design and an example of dynamic architecture using the latest in cutting edge computer technologies.;…

Internet Press and Publications

EnterArchitecture has been comissioned to design some custom lighting for
the World Bar Sydney

"The World Bar is located on the leafy Bayswater
Road, on the edge of the infamous Kings Cross.

Set in a beautiful Victorian building that once housed Australia's best bordello, it has enjoyed a rich and colourful history. The bar boasts a huge sunny balcony out the front on which you can chill-out, sip a beer or cocktail and watch the world go by.

Inside relax on a comfy couch or enjoy a game of pool.

As the evening progresses you can wander through to our nightclub and dance 'til late to the best in House and Funk bought to you by Sydney's finest up and coming DJs.

Set amongst the more salubrious of Kings Cross's many bars, The World Bar, with its mix of discerning locals and international travelers boasts a much sought after vibe."

24 Bayswater Rd Kings Cross Sydney NSW 2011


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