Monday, August 18, 2014

Gold Coast Cultural Precinct

Water is an element forms an important thematic characteristic of Evansdale. By nature it is associated with movement and fluidity, often symbolizing the source of life and renewal. These continuous geometries will lead to a fluid architecture, where the landscape and the built form will blend seamlessly.The architecture is created from delaminated surfaces, where the buildings peel out of the ground plane, and become a series of outdoor and indoor spaces.
The design for the Gold Coast Cultural Precinct arose from the idea that the built form should organically grow out of the site. In this way the landscape and building forms a symbiotic relationship. The main buildings are concentrated on the high part of the site, in response to flooding.
The Artscape contains a network of pedestrian links, which will converge in the centrally located Great Terrace, which is bounded by the New Arts Museum and Living Arts Centre. The Great Terrace will be a concentration of Cultural life, and will be activated at all times of the day and night by visitors to Cultural Precinct, the staff of nearby Art Centre and the Arts Museum. The Great Terrace is envisioned as a grand outdoor room, which can host civic events, markets and informal gatherings. Additionally, the New Arts will be an iconic landmark for the Gold Coast. It is a Landscaper that embraces the terrain from which it grows, and wraps around the Open Amphitheatre in front of the Great Terrace. Furthermore, the Amphitheatre creates a giant staircase that visitors can use to access the roof of the New Arts Museum, which connects back to the network of pedestrian pathways. The Living Arts is Antipodal to the Arts Museum, the Living Arts Centre rises out of land, hovering over the Museum and sheltering the Great Terrace.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

We recently got approval to progress the Dalmeny residence project, here is a little bit of this project in construction stage!! 




Pouring concrete

Its happening!!



Dalmeny in progress!

From the very begining



Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Edgecliff Medical Centre for Autistic Children

At 150sqm, the project was modest in its footprint but sets a clear example of digitally fabricated interiors, and a prototype to see how these projects perform. In early conversations with the client, priorities were quickly realized: 3 radiating treatment rooms, a central reception area, lots of play spaces, soft furnishings like beanbags and excellent visibility - all of which contributed to the genesis for the ideas and space planning that followed.

Design sensitivity was imperative when considering the function of the space and very much influenced the final form. Having a clear understanding of the client’s needs on a day to day basis and moreover the needs of visiting patients, meant practical issues were also of high importance. The way in which the geometry circulates and unfolds not only promotes an atmosphere of calm, rest and relaxation but in severe circumstances, also prevents children from harming themselves on corners: where this space is concerned, right angles are most definitely the wrong angles. 

The partnership of light, optics lamp; colour also played a pivotal role in shaping the overall feel of the project. Indirect lighting was used to soften the space with cove lighting providing an additional calming effect. Colours play an important role in shaping our emotions and with this in mind, a fresh & neutral base pallet was chosen with bold colour injections interspersed throughout. Known for its healing properties, a fearless orange shade was chosen for the back feature wall. Soft furnishings complemented the colour scheme with playful Dinosaur design 

Existing condition 

Construction Phase