Thursday, May 19, 2011

When Architecture met Ground...All in an Elevation.

As a Studio our investigations range from physical models to sketches to 3D models, etc. and often a project is truly kept alive and intriguing when it constantly traverses through these different mediums and is explored through different means. Hence when a simple Cad elevation was taken into Photoshop, a whole exploration began into how we would deal with the moment these Ribbon Geometries, meet the ground.

What we tried to tease out was an effortless logic for the ribbons such that every movement, bend, bevel they took was completely responsive to the workings of the planning arrangements and the orientation. The ribbons were at times able to split and skim the surface to seductively reveal the ground floor program, and at others were able to come together and hide …at times they became awnings, and at others seating….

Click on Image to Enlarge.
[Image: 'Bondi Project Elevation Rendering', Enter Architecture.]

The ribbon hence introduces itself as an engaging element at the groundscape bringing together as it moves through and past the interior, the exterior environment and the pedestrians...intertwining.

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