Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A "Parody in Parapets"

When local council in a heritage area insisted on a 'traditional aesthetic' house to replace the existing knockdown, Enter Architecture jumped to the challenge. Predominantly parapeted, pitched roof structures line the streets of these stuffy, parochial suburbs, where gossiping neighbours (mainly sun beaten British ex-pats) lurk round every corner. Ready to pounce at the very sniff of a new build, gossip columns are created, spreading faster than an Aussie bushfire! Enter downplayed the design of the new structure. Concrete shells with bunker-like proportions were studied and explored to provide a house with quirky proportions and lines creating spatially dramatic interiors, including lofted skylighted rooms, with grand gesture ceiling heights. The result at the back of the development is a large expanse of glass that opens up the living and sleeping areas to views towards the Sydney Cricket Ground, just incase there's a wicket taken. Rooftop access ensures skyline views of the CBD.

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